“En plein air”, which is French for outdoors, refers to the practice of painting outdoors. This method contrasts with studio painting which is typically done indoors under more controlled and prescribed conditions.

The paintings in this gallery are those I originally created outdoors. They are in various stages of completion which I will note in my comments. Typically, I work in acrylics, but I use oils when I paint plein air. More often than not, I paint with the Michigan Plein Air Painters out of Milford Township.


Lake erie metropark marina, brownstown, michigan

Despite the lawn crew buzzing by, chopping the lawn, and trimming the barrier along this marina, I set up my paints and captured my initial oil (12”x16”) of the array of sail boats docked in this small channel. The location is the Lake Erie Metropark Marina. This oil is now being completed in-studio, but I will move it into the Weekly Feature gallery where I will show the progressive stages and the final.

Other images from my plein air excursions…


Emily Franks Garden, Trenton, Michigan

Lotus pads at Lake Erie.jpg

Blooms at Lake Erie Metropark


Milford, Michigan farm

MPAP Jul28 2018 B.jpg
Sunrise at Crawford Farm.JPG

Sunrise at Crawford Farm, Milford Township, MI


Lake Erie early morning visitors…as I set up!

Downriver Plein Air Painters 2.jpg

Mick Mastal (right) and I at Lake Erie Metropark


Icy Open Water at Kensington Metropark


Roadside shack in Milford

Just off the road I stepped through the overgrown foliage to set up my easel in front of this weathered shack nestled under a large tree. This was an oil done while with the Michigan Plein Air Painters in the Milford, Michigan area. I hope to work on this more and strengthen the contrast and color to my liking.